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AQUATROPOLIS - The Two Queens (Part 1)

The city of Aquatropolis is the New York of the planet, the London of the confederation, the most powerful city of the Realm.

The one that rules Aquatropolis rules the planet of Osiris B-1, and every planet within its grasp.

While every force in the Realm schemes for their opportunity to take control over the monster of a city that could give them unfathomable power, the ways of three humans meet, their fates intertwined by the “water-town”, seeking their part in the emerging war for the predominance of Aquatropolis.

Author: Amaris Wen

ISBN 978-3-9524991-5-3 (eBook)

ISBN 978-3-9523794-5-5 (Print)


AQUATROPOLIS - The Contract (Part 2)

Aquatropolis is the most powerful city in the constellation. But now, the Green Planet comes nearer, and with it, schemes and war are rising.

The bells are trying to stop the corruption that has grasped the government, among them Alanna, woh has escaped from court. Mergele is determined to fight her manipulative brother Lyxéto, who seeks to gain power over Aquatropolis, and the city faces an attack that will be the beginning of a battle. And in the middle of an upcoming war, a human discovers that the war could actually be conjured by a power more perilous than the approaching enemy.

Author: Amaris Wen

ISBN 978-3-9524991-3-9 (eBook)

ISBN 978-3-9523794-8-6 (Print)


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